Galapagos Art Space

Born in Brooklyn. Raised in Detroit.

A 10,000 square foot lake:

We've developed what we think is an astonishing basis of design. Our plan places a 10,000 square foot lake at the center of our venue. There will be island seating on the lake and a beautiful, operatic style mezzanine will surround the lake. Trees will surround the lake. Imagine a forest and a lake in a building. That's what we're going to build.

What!?!! A lake INSIDE a venue?

Yes. In our New York City venue we built a 1,600 square foot lake. We like lakes.

Known for its dedication to the art community, Galapagos Art Space guts a 100-year-old building and creates an inspired masterpiece.
- Green Building and Design

The site will also feature a second, more intimate venue in the buildings old power plant and mechanical rooms that are accessed by twelve-foot wide industrial service tunnels under the existing building.

Our gallery project, Kunsthalle Galapagos, will create 50,000 square feet of gallery and artisan / “maker” space as part of our ground floor streetscape.

A main goal is to establish our project as a place-making engine in our new neighborhood. Were extremely happy to be a part of the Highland Park community. 


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