Galapagos Art Space

Born in Brooklyn. Raised in Detroit.

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New York City Press:

“Known for its dedication to the art community, Galapagos Art space guts a 100-year-old building and creates an inspired masterpiece.”
- Green Building and Design

“Lincoln Center doesn’t have a permanent performance hall quite like Galapagos Art Space”
-The New York Times

“A Little Carnegie Hall…. Galapagos’ fantastically eclectic calendar feeds the Establishment;  musicians flow from Galapagos to Zankel Hall and Lincoln Center and back….. an ideal habitat for composers”
- New York Magazine

“Galapagos Art Space is the mother of all performance spaces”
- New York Magazine

“A cultural pace-setter”
- The New Yorker

“The hippest venue in Brooklyn, which happens to be the hippest borough in NYC.”
- Rodgers Frantz, President, Richard Florida Creativity Group

“A truly sublime reflecting pool, an expansive cathedral-like interior, brilliantly spotlit, the scenery is lush, [an] ever-growing cultural oasis”.
-The New York Times

“An essential element of New York City, Galapagos has proved its true significance in the past few years. It has stimulated and inspired what’s now a cluster of quality bars and restaurants…”
- Time Out New York Essential NYC

“a premier art space…”
- New York Magazine

“A flawless design … [a] delicate but assured touch”
- City Search New York

“Some of New York City’s best writers and performers.”
- The New York Times

Galapagos has become the venue of choice for the young ,cool and hip. Whether having a party, getting married Galapagos in Dumbo Brooklyn is the place. Called one of the coolest places to throw a wedding reception
- Manhattan Style Magazine

“Galapagos bills itself as an art, music, dance, theater and performance space, gallery and, finally, bar. It sounds ambitious, and it is… Galapagos may be the only public place in town where (while imbibing) you can hear a reading of Shakespeare’s Tempest, shimmy to live Cuban music and see trapeze artists all in the same month.”
- New York Magazine

“Incredible… sophisticated.”
- Zagat

“Galapagos Art Space, the grande dame of Williamsburg venues… [has moved] to Dumbo. The new space, complete with an indoor lake, is finally ready.”
- The New Yorker

“A gorgeous venue…. the soaring, 10,000-square-foot structure has been renovated into a sultry, stunning multilevel event space.”
- Citysearch New York City

“Floating Kabarette features the city’s sexiest acts”
- Time out New York

“Gorgeous, spacious, zen-like …”
Decor was rated in the top 1%:”Extraordinary to Perfection.”
Six “Best Of” category ratings including “Best Decor”
- Zagat Survey

“From international film competitions to release parties for groundbreaking musicians, Galapagos is a crossroads of New York’s art and culture scene”
- GiltCity

“Official selections have now been made for this year’s Imagine Science Film Festival at an evening soiree in Brooklyn’s Galapagos Art Space. The scene rivaled that of any swanky New York premiere: the venue was dimly lit, the bar packed, and conversation flowed freely. But the topics of the evening didn’t focus on celebrity scandals, business deals, or new hot spots. Instead, science and art dominated the conversation – a young woman in Tina Fey glasses sitting at a nearby table asked her companions, “What do you think about the news about Australopithecus sediba?” “We’ve been here before,” a somber bearded man in the trio responded. He took another sip of his draft, “We’ll have to wait and see.”
“How utterly refreshing to see a scientific event garner such A-style treatment.”
- Scientific American

“Mr. Elmes [is] building a cultural movement brick by brick.“
- The Village Voice

“Modern and avant-garde…. seductive”
- The New York Times

“Few other venues straddle as many genres as sexily as Galapagos Art Space.”
- Time Out NY “Essentials Guide to NYC”

“sensual burlesque and edgy artistry…. indulgent and outrageous!”
- Flavorpill NYC

“One of the more evocative new spaces.”
- The New York Times

“Some of the best [Brooklyn] art is in the form of… screenings of experimental work at Ocularis; and performances at Galapagos.”
- Holland Cotter, The New York Times

“Among New York City’s premier nightspots for myriad reasons, though we think its unique character is chief among them. After all, few spaces offer the same combination of experimental performance and stunning visuals in so intimate and elegant a setting.”
- Brooklyn Exposed

“Galapagos Art Space is an important one to watch this year.”
- Gothamist

“And if you want your low necklines with a highbrow gloss, head for Galapagos to catch the Floating Kabarette.”
- The Brooklyn Paper

“When Galapagos moved from (already impressive) North Williamsburg digs to a new, positively stunning DUMBO space, it somehow simultaneously raised its entire canon of envelope-pushing performance art, revelry, and music shows. From dance and theater performances to trapeze to alt-orchestral and cabaret performers, NYC’s artists and musicians — not to mention its audiences — are housed in a sprawling, gorgeous, multi-purpose home created for creativity.”
- Cityseach NYC

“Best New Art Space.”
- NY Press, Best of New York 2008

Twice named to the Top 100 list of the Best Nightclubs and Bars in the United States’
- Nightclub and Bar Magazine

“Like celebrities considering adoption, New York nightlife is finally growing a conscience, and this Brooklyn performance hall is leading the way. Galapagos Art Space’s new, double-the-size venue in DUMBO is seeking certification as New York’s first green venue—it’s made mostly of recycled steel and concrete. Plans are also in the works for a wall of living flowers and a rooftop garden. Three rows of half-moon red banquettes float above reflecting pools with a bar conveniently close by, while a mezzanine provides an aerial view.”
- Shecky’s New York Nightlife Guide

“Ah, Williamsburg … 10 years ago a few kooky kids with a dream transformed an old warehouse space into a showcase for indie bands and outré burlesque shows, serving PBR aplenty. They called it Galapagos, and it was good. Today, North Sixth Street, the desolate road they blazed a commercial trail upon, is chockablock with trendy boutiques, and so the artsy ones were priced out of their history-making space. So, with pluck and might, they headed south to DUMBO where … the New Galapagos Art Space has partnered with the nearby BAM, and promise to keep it artsy and real.”
- New York Post


“Quintessential Williamsburg bar/performance space/theater with mini-lake now quintessential Dumbo bar/performance space/theater with mini-lake. Rent-hike victim makes soft landing in ginormous, century-old horse stable on Main. Still looks good, still boasts truly kick-ass programming. Alternative comedy to make you wet your pants, Monday burlesque renews our faith in pasties. Film/video screenings give the indie kids something to pontificate about. All this, plus booze. Evolve.”
- Black Book

“An entirely different species of nightlife fauna… an imaginative venture.”
-Paper Magazine

“I love Galapagos. It’s one of the best venues, for the best music, for the best price in town.”
- Brian Lehrer, NPR / WNYC (and we love Brian Lehrer / WNYC!)

- New York Times, Guide to New York City

“An otherworldly ambiance…sensuously lit.”
- Toronto Globe and Mail Report

“the best night of opera you’re likely to see outside the Met (is at Galapagos)”
- BeaconPass

“…it seems clear that the Brooklyn hipster is destined to be the next audience for opera… the old and new guard of opera viewers mingled in an open-minded night of musical experimentation (at Galapagos Art Space)”
- Parterrebox

“I for one do not intend to miss another installment of this remarkable series (at Galapagos)”
- The Opera Insider


And our favorite!:

“Galapagos, which opened in 1995, blazed an artistic trail along a waterfront teeming with drugs, prostitution, and neglect.”

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