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Born in Brooklyn. Raised in Detroit.

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We see an expanding market in the Detroit region. We see outcomes that benefit a wide array of cultural and community stakeholders and we believe that Galapagos and our project can be an important partner in achieving the potential for growth that the area promises.

The presence or artists, and the cultural and artistic spaces that support their presence, have time and again led to strong growth in real estate prices. The challenge for us - when we first came to the city - was to find a meaningful density of real estate that can be protected over time, ensuring that the artists benefit from the value they create by their presence and activity and that they aren’t simply priced out of the real estate because of their own efforts. We have found that critical density. 


Galapagos' value proposition lies in its ability to partner with local stakeholders to help make Detroit a regional attraction once again, and to help attract the best and brightest young artists and thinkers to the Detroit metropolitan area.

An effective, thriving cultural hub in the center of Detroit would add significant and diverse values to the area surrounding our project.

Additionally, through Galapagos, investors would have the opportunity to expect a return from a novel business model; a self-sufficient and profitable performing arts venue with hundreds of thousand of square feet of real estate available for improvement and a deep reach into every economic sector valuable to the city of Detroit.

We believe that the socioeconomic benefits that can be brought to neighboring communities and to our own site are unprecedented. 

If you're interested in investing please write us. There's a lot of excitement here in Detroit. We can feel it. 

Robert Elmes
Founder / Executive Director
Galapagos Art Space

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